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"I would recommend Titanium Martial Arts to anyone that wants their kids or even themselves to be more active, and to build confidence. We have been involved with this group of people for approximately two years. My daughter has gone from being a wall flower to opening up and making friends. It is more like a family than a school. To quote my daughter 'Mr. Aaron is about giving put ups not put downs,' which in turn motivates kids to work harder. Everyone cares."

–Jane Ross

"We are so happy to we enrolled our son in karate with Titanium Martial Arts. He loves it, has fun and enjoys the camaraderie. Thank you Titanium for the time and patience you give to our families."


-Kendra Bastow

"Titanium is one of the most amazing, calm, fun, confident environments I have been in. Titanium has changed my life and I am so thakful. The instructors are great and very positive, which makes me and my daughter feel very comfortable to train at this establishment. Some of the ways Titanium has changed our lives are our attitude towards life and other people is much more relaxed. Also, our confidence has gone through the roof! I love Titanium Martial Arts for all they do and for all they are. It makes me proud to be a part of it all. So, thank-you fom myself and my daughter for everything. Also, thank you for being who you are. You are making a beautiful difference in this world."


-Tina Keck

“As a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and also an instructor, I know the value of good training. My son has been a member of this school for 3 years now and is doing great. I also cross train at this school to expand my martial arts training. I would highly recommend this school for any age from new to experienced."

–Derek Bowles

"My son Johnny has definitely changed as a person because of Titanium. I hope that I have given him some skills, but Titanium has added confidence and self worth. They make him feel like it is a second family, and I know he has enjoyed every moment. I have never seen him want to be anywhere on time before Titanium, but now he makes sure he's on time to be anywhere. Thank you Titanium."


-John Sawczuk


"Being involved with Martial Arts for so many years, I wanted my daughter to be taught in a manner that a child her age could truly learn from. I found what I was looking for at Titanium Martial Arts. This school not only teaches the kids in a way they understand, but they also cover so many others things; such as anti-bullying, honour, respect, loyalty and so much more! Way to go Titanium, keep up the great work."


-Gary Rochon


"Titanium Martial Arts doesn't just teach, they build character and have become more than just a school. They are more like one huge family. They care about their students and plan many activities that are fun for kids, which helps with character development and discipline. It has been a great experience for our son who looks forward to karate every Tuesday and Thursday night!"


-Wendy Webb


"My son is not only learning karate, he's learning the character-building qualities of respect, self-control, teamwork, and discipline. He talks regularly about the importance of fitness, nutrition, and keeping his uniform clean and neat. He loves to go to class and says he's not going to stop until he gets his black belt!"


-Jodi Huerter


"It’s been years since I’ve trained in martial arts, and I have just recently joined Titanium Martial Arts and Fitness. I never thought I’d find another martial art school that would be so enjoyable! Training at Titanium Martial Arts and Fitness, I get an awesome workout while learning a realistic and practical self defence martial art...Kenpo Karate. With life being so busy and hectic, it’s a pleasure to distress; I almost feel guilty for enjoying it so much! Oh, and there was no real awkwardness when I started, because Titanium Martial Arts is a very friendly, welcoming, family oriented dojo (school). "


-James Wood


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