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The Karate Kidz program is available for ages 9-12.


In our Karate Kidz program we focus on the physical activity and basics of American Kenpo.

We work with each student on...
Improving Self Discipline
Improving Self Confidence
Improving Self Respect
Improving Level of Fitness
Improving Level of Concentration
Improving Grades in School
Increasing Mental Focus
Increasing Patience
Improving Self-Control
Self-Defense to AVOID Being Bullied
Commitment to Finish Tasks
Respect for Self and Others
Overcome Challenges like ADHD
Improving Coordination
Instill a Healthy Lifestyle

And while having a whole lot of fun!

The Karate Kidz program at Titanium Martial Arts and Fitness consists of:
Forms – a routine of basics much like a gymnastics routine designed for easy practice and to teach valuable lessons.

Sets – an exercise to isolate certain basics for maximum efficiency.
Life skills – such as telling time on a non digital clock, identifying strangers, as well as Confidence, Integrity, and Motivation.

Weapons- improve a student’s coordination and concentration.  All weapons training is done with safety weapons and instructor supervision.

Sparring Combinations – the tools that allow a student to spar (mock fight) safely and effectively.

We work hand in hand with all of the parents of the children in our program to ensure that every child get the most from our lessons.  Children earn badges for their uniforms for good grades in school, as well as badges for being role models in their community. 


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