The Purebred Fight Club (PFC), a professional Mixed Martial Arts and athletic training facility, was established in 2000 by Todd ‘The Truth’ Cable.

The PFC is a gym that was built on a foundation of integrity, respect, honour and an exceptional work ethic. The members of the PFC are like family and the club is a home away from home for all those who enter its doors. The club is dedicated to elevating its fighters to a level of recognition that credits them for being exactly what they are: the toughest, strongest and most talented mixed martial artists around.

The club, however, is much more than a group of fighters. The PFC is a private gym providing its members with the ultimate fitness experience; whether it’s an athlete looking for another form of training,a busy mom wanting a physical fitness outlet, or someone striving to reach a weight loss or fitness goal.

At the PFC, we believe in helping people to realize their full potential and discover their true inner strength. With the best trainer around, coupled with our supportive environment and energetic, committed people who all want to enhance and achieve new, higher levels of athletic ability, you will achieve any goals you set.

If you are in pursuit of the joy of physical and mental fitness, your go to source is the Purebred Fight Club.

There is absolutely NO other class out there like this one!! We sculpt the butt, abs, legs and upper body. Legitimate boxing training, taught by an actual kickboxer. Come join us to discover where confidence is built, strength and skill are earned and the support is profound !! 

Locations in Strathroy, Sarnia, and Petrolia.